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This business of the Trade Intermediary is related to many aspects of International business practices.It’s tough business but an exciting and  lucrative one, for those who land a revolving  commodity deal over the line.Most trade intermediaries work from home or corporate office,the majority of traders world wide have now becomes accustomed to or have heard of FTNX exporting procedures. Many supplier and end buyer  around the world know of our safe closing procedures as do  bankers and lawyers. The nature of business is not that difficult, once the basis has been studied intently. What is difficult is that there are so many 'bits and pieces’ of rules, laws and procedures that must be learned and observed before an intermediary  can legally  evolve  to the the status of PCT, to have any chance of closing  a lucrative revolving commodity deal.The FTNX trading  basis was forced upon the international community to stop intermediaries being ‘ripped off.’ A intermediary come PCT who has spend years trading to finally land the one huge revolving deal all the way to closing - is unable to get ‘ripped off’ with our legally defined procedures.“We have friends and we have business; in this light when conducting business we have no friends, just lawfuly applied  procedures. Business is business." If you want to seriously trade in commodities with real intent and scope  to 'give it your best shot' and are prepared to last the distance, then studying the FTN Doctrine of trade over a few months first, is the best thing a new Intermediary could do. Place the study down and start trading as a Professional Commodity Trader (PCT) and International Trade Specialist (ITS).The term ‘ill informed intermediary’ will never apply to you.The PCT will hold his position firmly at the academic level  study and procedures offered cannot be challenged by anyone on any reasonable ground, in fact many suppliers, end buyer, bankers and even law firms,  could also benefit from reading the FTN exporting doctrine, as such entities are often found to be ill formed about using proper trade procedures safely and legally. 


A new ill informed intermediary coming across our website please note the foillowing: 

(1) End Buyer means;

The person taking possession of ordered goods from the PCT

(2) Supplier means;

The entity who owns the  export ready goods being sold to the PCT

(3) Seller Means;

PCT (the applicant taking up the study) is selling export ready goods to its sourced end  buyer 

(4) Buyer Means;

PCT (the applicant taking up the study)is the buyer of  export ready goods  from a sourced supplier. 

(5) PCT;

Professional Commodity Trader: A legally defined  Buyer and Seller of commodities 



Many hybrid offers are appearing under the incorrectly serviced ICPO banner in 2023 as new traders (clowns) who have never heard of FTN Exporting enter the circus. Many traders especially those out of Asia,  have mixed FTNX procedures with their own ill informed applications to produce a useless, often illegal and unworkable hybrid procedures.

Term usage of trade such as LOI, DLC/MT700, FCO, ICPO, SPA, MT 199, RWA, POF, BCL, PPOP, MPA,IMFPA, SLC, BG, POP, NCNDA,MOU, etc, etc are still reappearing year in year out not from USA but Europe and Russia prior to  sanction being imposed. 

These terms cannot be used in international trade deals  and are often seen used within a country when localised interstate deals are apparent; Russian procedures based on USA domestic market terms and conditions conducted at the domestic level, show on just how ill informed such traders are; more so with Russian sanctions taking hold. The  ill informed intermediary using terms on their offers as indicated above are immediately trashed by the informed PCT. Why? These answers and much more can be found in our doctrine of trade.

 Such trader are now represented  in small lots around the world  as the FTN Exporting procedures has destroyed the past market place of fake deals, circumvention and unworkable procedures.



English laws dictates proceeding along with ICC Incoterms and UCP banking rules; because English law has precedents to do with trade  going back a 1000 years, unlike other leading democracies. Add the current turmoil (localised wars) to the whole trading aspect; entering to ply business in this environment, without knowledge and skill is a fools errand. FTN Exporting created the first and only fully legally defined global doctrine of trade and safe procedures  that all intermediaries can use with great confidence.

After 35 year in this business, even AI has no scope to compete on such experience. Carrying bags of cement, or even slugging it out behind a hot stove all day is hard work– just like trading in commodities; except you’ll earn a wage. Trading in commodities or related entrepreneurial business will not give you a wage; that’s because  you are not chasing a weekly wage, but a life time  of earnings on one single large deal being closed. To set up and open a Cafe or small business could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars–high financial outlay and risks are apparent, unlike when dealing in commodities where your only outlay is to do with educating yourself on the safe premise of conducting business. One never  suffers a loss for learning an academic level study, especially if your business is with the rest of the world. Trading  in commodities is a high pressure business application; it’s a tough challenging  business, but  a very exciting business application to apply - once out are informed. If you are not in it for the long haul full time, or in your spare time, measured in years, taking up the offer is a waste of time. If your intent is serious, and your are willing to spend a few months to learn the process and start trading thereafter, to gain experience, the  you have little to lose financially and a lot of potential to earn a gross profit, unlike any other business application can offer. Trading in commodities as a professionally informed buyer and seller,  is  directly related to one of the most complex  business application on earth-Agency. We all start off as intermediaries, but once the study in completed and you have had some interaction with suppliers and end buyers; your position becomes firmly entrenched.You become Principal outright legally and safely trading as a Buyer and Seller of sourced commodities world wide – as a Professional Commodity Trader (PCT) .


But there is a caveat on the whole premise, which has been discovered  only in the last 5 year or so.  The PCT has to work with documents , and on rare occasions the PCT might need to travel to sign off on a  complex deal.  It is important that the PCT studies the doctrine intently. To read and write in English, to a reasonable level (not perfect, but good) of comprehension, has become  an important issue. The English language  has become  'the international  language of business.’ FTNX has communicated recently with past PCTs we were once supported by us only to find very poorly produced documents and trading rules  that the PCT ought to have known about. It seems applicant have purchased the doctrine with poor language skills, and document presentation. A a new applicant who is able to draw some good inference and insights from the advice posted on this website is the type of person who has good English language skill. Such new applicants should  take up the study. If you have found it difficult to grasp  some good insight herein, then perhaps this business is not for you. This is the only Caveat we have. Making huge sums of money doesn’t not means  you need to be an ‘Einstein.’ Learning a new skill set and efforts applied  along with experience and knowledge is what close a lucrative revolving commodity deal. The FTN Exporting Doctrine can legally close deals, the ability for each applicant  to do so is different. Most will not close a commodity deal  many years after taking up the doctrine; some however will close such deals , often  within a few years of taking up the study. Are you in the ‘most’ category, or the ‘some’ category is an aspect we cannot gauge. “One must be thrown into the water to see if they can swim.” The Doctrine  tells it as it is, where so many other trade studies do not , because  FTNX has added  long time experience  to the trading premise. What the law books say reflect a different reality in a real live trading event. The PCT is learning quickly within months, a study that would take the years to e learn elsewhere.   



Want to trade in commodities lawfully and legally as a highly informed intermediary or are you an entrepreneur, looking to conduct business internationally, then learn the correct acceptable and legally defined international trade  business practices,  over a few months, which among other thing will allow the informed PCT to identify a fake deal within seconds, and steer the PCT in the right direction. “One  cannot simply wake up one morning, study the ill informed advice offered by other traders found online, and begin trading a week later - as many have done.”  

Within a few months of  taking up the study the Intermediary  is now defined as an International Trade Specialist (ITS) carrying title as a PCT (Professional Commodity Trader). After a few months of study the PCT may enter the commodity  trading arena as a highly informed specialist. “What takes years to study at the academic level, only takes months to learn under FTNX doctrine of trade, where we have made a complex subject matter  easy to comprehend and apply.” Practice the steps advised in the doctrine  to obtain trading experience ‘one step at a time’ until one day a lucrative commodity  deal is secured. This is the time to a seal a deal.The business of international  trade compliments related business practices applied by entrepreneurs world wide. To do as much, the PCT needs to be highly informed, educated and experienced person carrying a unique skill set. Even if you want to trade in internationally inspired business using your own methods, basic understanding especially in matters of rules, contract and finance still needs to be learned. Become informed while gaining actual experience; mistakes are tolerated in the doctrine, as we all need to make mistakes  in the early days to eventually become successful later. 

Applicants should be trading in live deals within 6/9 months - history will dictate the rest. We have made a complex business practice  much easier for the intermediary to understand and become a Professional Commodity Trader (PCT). We don’t mince words and state things how they are. From the many who will ‘try’ this business, only a few will succeed in any given year, to become a fully fledged PCT. This is a very exciting, business to apply, as it is one of the most complex and challenging business applications in the world. The overall process is easy to learn and even to apply, once some experience becomes apparent; the challenging  part is to secure a deal all the way to closing which may take up to 3 months of sleepless nights to finally achieve. Buying and selling commodities or dealing internationally on other related aspects of big business- one must know what they are doing. You have no friends in this business; this is the nature of any good business orientated practice. To close an import export  deal and legally  secure a DLC into you account worth millions of dollars and to do so because you are informed, is a big deal on its own. Using your brains and not brawn to close on such business; is not for everyone.'One must often test their unseen abilities first.'   

International Trade and the Successful Intermediary 80,000 words (ITSI)  is our best selling formal proofread publication sold world wide as produced by our publishers in U.K. ITSI holds the base trading doctrine in its purest form. In house publications produced by the author are Beta PDF publications which has not been proofread or edited where grammar and spelling mistakes may be evident, usually exceed 300,000 words. Beta publication breaks down formal aspects of  ITSI to its step by step  bare bone application. 

The applicant must conduct business without spending a cent of their own money in doing so, further addresses the idea that knowledge skill and personal abilities is what produces lucrative international trade deals. If unsure? ITSI will do the job. If you feel fully charged to try this business intently our BETA edition will serve you well. After 36 years in this business, if FTNX does not know something about this business then its not worth knowing. 

WINE PDF on the next page, will deliver everything you need to know to trade in commodities world wide.A very complex study reproduced in the simplest steps by step manner of offered to those who English language and writing skills are deemed to be  reasonably  sound. Trade correctly or don’t enter the playing field at all,  is the best advice I can give to any new applicant considering  this business. We don’t mince words. The doctrine tell it as it is and what you PCT must observe when trading in commodities- time delivers the rest.